Home Buying Guide To Gadsden Alabama

Gadsden city is a fairly cosmopolitan region that is home to well over 38,000 residents. The real estate scene in the city is especially friendly to new home buyers who can get their dream homes at fair prices. Below are a few key factors to consider before buying a home in Gadsden.

Budgeting and Financing

Home ownership begins at budgeting and evaluating how much money can be put towards this move and more so how much to borrow. Most people cannot afford to pay cash for a new home, luckily there are many reputable lenders to help out. Some of the common mortgage types include the 15 or 30-year fixed rate mortgage, the adjustable rate mortgage, the convertible option, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insured loans and the Veteran Affairs Loans. The convertible option is usually a good middle ground between the fixed and adjustable rate, however, the lender will advise you on which options to go for.

A down payment of 20% or less is usually market standard, therefore, the home buyer must save up the amount prior to approaching the lender. While some home owners may offer low down payment rates it is always wise to pay higher since the full amount will eventually be paid. The closing costs i.e. title searches, homeowner insurance and inspections, will total to about 2% to 5% of the loan amount. These in addition to moving expenses should be taken into account.

Buying a home is a huge investment thus it is recommended that you hire a licensed Gadsden real estate agent to represent you through the transaction. The license can be cross checked on the Alabama Real Estate Commission registry for validity.

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Type of property

Being a homeowner can be a headache thus you can opt for low maintenance and extra amenities as is provided by condos, apartments and town homes. However, these options may attract regular HOA fees among other recurring fees. Looking through listings of real estate in Gadsden can land you on tempting fixer-up and foreclosure deals but caution and a thorough break down on renovation costs should be taken into account. Single family houses are especially popular in Gadsden area.

Price of the home

The price of the property is mostly dependent on factors like lot area, floor size, location, type of home, extra features, fence, number of garages or parking space, number of bedrooms and bathrooms among others.

While choosing the ideal home may lean heavily on one’s preferences the following examples can give you a rough idea of what you can get for your money.

For the price of 50k home buyers can get a modest single family home with a small floor space of about 1200-2300 sq. ft. Notably, you can still get a good deal on homes that need renovating or tearing down as well as foreclosure deals, however, caution is advised. See an example here.

For 150k you can get a lot to develop or a single family, small footprint home with at least two bedrooms and two bathrooms like this one.

For 350k you get a better location, bigger lot area as well as additional home features. The home will mostly have 3-5 bedrooms and 2-3 bathrooms. The floor sizes will be slightly large depending on the location of the home and may range from 3000 to slightly over 4500 square feet. See this example.

For the price of over 500k you get a bigger lot and floor space footage, luxurious extra features. Such features include enclosed sun porch, subzero refrigerators, many garages, fireplace and granite kitchen counter tops and pools among others. Some of the homes in this price range will include more than 5 bedrooms, more than 5 bathrooms, dining room and an open kitchen space. Take a peek at these luxury homes.

Other factors

New home buyers to the Gadsden area need not worry about school proximity as the city already has 14 schools. This is in addition to being home to Gadsden State Community College and two other small satellite institutions, the University of Alabama and Jacksonville State University.

pool cleaners in gadsden

Best Swimming Pool Service Providers in Gadsden Alabama

As a pool owner myself, I’m a fan of automatic pool cleaners as they can help you reduce the amount of money you’ll have to spend cleaning your swimming pool. However, if you prefer a regular local pool service, here are some businesses that offer help in Gadsden. Services range from installation to regular repair and maintenance. Below are the best companies that provide high-quality swimming pool services. 

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This company has been operating in the Gadsden area, and its surroundings, since 1976. It offers a wide range of products and services including installation of all types of swimming pools, water testing equipment, in-ground liner replacements, in-ground automatic pool cleaners, replacement of pump filters and valves. WBK LLC also provides cleaning supplies as well as other swimming pool accessories.

2. B & J Pools, LLC

With over 30 years in the business plus a Better Business Bureau membership, B&J Pools can provide professional services to the Gadsden residents at affordable prices. Their services include ground up construction, concrete renovation, fiberglass pool installation, plumbing replacement, pool enclosure and general maintenance.

3. The Pool Center

Founded in 1983, The Pool Center is one of the leading providers in spa, aquatic and swimming pool equipment. They specialize in swimming pool/ hot tub services, water analysis and general repair and maintenance services.

4. Paramount Pools

Located in Rainbow City, AL Paramount Pools has an able team of licensed engineers and experienced designers who see through the project from start to completion inclusive of regular follow ups. Aside from the general swimming pool services Paramount Pools offers add on features such as sheer waterfalls, decking, fiber optic lighting, fountains, pool bars, fencing, landscaping and decorative accents.

5. G&G Pools

The company has been in operation for close to 3 years now, serving the Gadsden area and its environs. G&G Pools deals with the provision of swimming pool equipment and supplies. The company specializes in deck installation, replacement, repair and complete deck renovation. It also deals with above-ground/ in-ground pool sales and services.

6. All of the Above Pool Co. LLC

The company is located in Southside, AL, where it offers the residents with pool, spa and hot tub services. The company offers pool installation (above-ground, vinyl, fiberglass, and in-ground), repairs, pool & spa cleaning, enclosure construction and wiring. Their team of experts can also help in general repair and maintenance of pumps and filter systems.

7. Custom Pros Services

With over 20 years of experience, Custom Pros Services delivers quality work and guarantees customer satisfaction. The company offers pool installation, repair, and maintenance services at competitive prices.

8. Covenant Pools & Spas

Established in 2000, Covenant Pools provides swimming pool installation as well as repair services. The company deals with top tier brands such as BioGuard, Baquacil and Easy Pool and Spa. Covenant Pools also offers water analysis, pool maintenance, and cleaning services. While the company’s services are competitively priced clients can choose various payment options.

9. Inground Pool Design Inc.

With over 1000 installations, Inground Pool Design is go-to for all in-ground inquiries and services. The company specializes in building Inground pools as well as providing accompanying general repair and maintenance services.

10. BioGuard Pool Experts

With well over 40 years in the pool care industry, BioGuard is one of the leading suppliers of swimming pool and spa care products. The company consists of a team of expert retailers who help the clients in picking the best care products as well as educating them on best pool & spa care practices. BioGuard provides products such as cleaners, sanitizers, water enhancers, and balances among others.