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Saturday Feb 06

BREAKING NEWS: Death by Cop Case Tied to College Manor Apartments Killing

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Wednesday, 01 July 2009 20:12

BREAKING NEWS: GadsdenMetro.com and vs-soedingberg.at WAAX Radio News have jointly confirmed through two separate but reliable sources are independently identifying  the police officer involved in this morning's death-by-cop case on Raley Street in East Gadsden as the discount cialis cialis same police officer involved in a death-by-cop case in November of last year.

Much of East Gadsden has been under tight security since this morning, following an early shooting of a suspect in a bloody attack on Raley Street. A  Gadsden Police Department spokesman says the man was suspected of attacking a woman identified as the deceased man's girlfriend and her son early this morning. Police followed a bloody trail from the home and came up on the man, who attacked the police officers with a knife before he was shot. Per city policy, the investigation into the shooting has been turned over to the Alabama Bureau of Investigation.

According to Etowah County Deputy Coroner Chris Thacker, the victim in this morning's incident has been identified as Cedric Cox, described as in his thirties.

Gadsden Police were called to the woman's house on Raley Street around sunrise, who saw Cox leaving the www.furtheryourpassion.ca house. Officers closed in on Cox nearby on Hoke Street, and tried to calm him down and drop his weapon. GPD officials say that Cox then apparently attacked the officers and was shot to death.

The identies of the woman and child have not yet been released at this time, but they were taken to a Gadsden hospital and treated for the serious injuries they had suffered.

The officer was cleared of charges in the College Manor case by an Etowah County Grand Jury in March of this year.